Standardizing the Website Design Process at Redstart Creative

Quick Facts

Skill Areas

  • Process Standardization and Improvement
  • Leadership in Design Operations
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Thinking and Execution
  • Client Engagement and Education
  • Team Leadership and Collaboration
  • Agile Methodology Application


As the newly promoted Digital Director at Redstart Creative, I led the standardization of the agency’s varied web design processes to establish a consistent, efficient workflow. This pivotal role during the agency’s expansion phase involved formalizing steps, introducing key improvements like “first look” client meetings, and learning from mentorship to enhance leadership and client relations. The result was a significant increase in the agency’s ability to deliver high-quality websites for nonprofit clients, solidifying Redstart’s reputation and demonstrating my capacity for design management and operational leadership.


  • A formalized website development process for Redstart Creative.
  • A new "first look" meeting integrated into the client workflow.
  • Over 30 successfully launched websites for nonprofit clients within three years.
  • Enhanced process predictability and accountability measures.
  • Improved client presentation experiences and feedback mechanisms.
  • A developed leadership approach through real-world application and mentorship.

The Details


In late 2016, I was promoted to Digital Director at Redstart Creative, a growing agency that delivers branding and digital marketing services tailored for nonprofits. Having joined the agency as a print designer in early 2015, my transition into digital leadership came during a critical period of business codification and expansion.



Redstart Creative faced significant variability in its website design and development processes, which differed markedly from client to client. This lack of standardization made it difficult to predict project timelines, complicated accountability for clients and contributors, and posed a considerable challenge as I stepped into a new leadership role within an established organizational structure.


Role and Actions

As the newly appointed Digital Director, my first task was to formalize the website development process. Efforts included:

  • Process Formalization: I spearheaded the initiative to identify and document all steps involved in building a website, which facilitated better coordination and management of activities.
  • Leadership and Project Management: Leading several client projects through this newly structured process, I identified gaps and oversights, most notably the lack of a preliminary review step before final presentations.
  • Process Improvement: To address these issues, I introduced a "first look" meeting into the workflow. This addition was designed to set clear expectations with clients about the development status and to gather essential feedback before the final unveiling, thus avoiding misunderstandings and last-minute rushes.


Key Learnings

Throughout this transformative period at Redstart, I learned crucial lessons about process management and leadership:

  • Real-World Testing and Adaptation: The importance of applying theoretical processes in real scenarios and adapting based on practical outcomes became a cornerstone of my approach to project management.
  • Leadership Development: Observing and learning from experienced leaders like Redstart’s CEO, Rebecca Teaff, was invaluable. Her mentorship helped me refine my skills in team leadership and client management.



The implementation of a standardized, repeatable website design and development process had a profound impact on the agency:

  • Process Efficiency and Quality: With a strong, documented process in place, the team could consistently produce high-quality websites tailored to the needs of nonprofit clients.
  • Project Output: Over the following three years, we successfully launched more than 30 websites, significantly boosting the agency’s portfolio and reputation in the nonprofit sector.



My experience as Digital Director at Redstart Creative involved significant growth in both leadership and operational capabilities. The challenges of standardizing complex processes and leading a team through a period of change prepared me well for future opportunities, when I can apply these skills to larger-scale digital projects, driving innovation and excellence in design operations.

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